Public Education Day is a time to recognise the central role that public schools, preschools and TAFEs play in strengthening the social, economic and cultural fabric of our society.

Our public education system is a cohesive community which works as one to create equity, hope, and opportunity for every child. Free, public and secular education is the key to a vibrant, socially cohesive, multicultural and democratic Australia.

In the lead up to Public Education Day, 28th May, we have asked a number of prominent Australians to share their support for public education and to celebrate and acknowledge the people who make it so special – principals, teachers and education support staff.

The first contributions are from Professor Reid, author Maralyn Parker and Cool Australia CEO Jason Kimberley who have shared their appreciation of the professionalism, resilience and creativity which makes our public schools, preschools and TAFEs so strong and so vibrant.

“You lift us up as a nation. You make us proud of who we are and what we can become. It is wonderful to get this opportunity to tell you how much we value your high expectations and your unstinting, often unacknowledged, and seemingly inexhaustible, labour. We thrive because of you.”

Author Maralyn Parker

“Public Education is important to me because we all love solving problems. We love challenging ourselves to know more, to understand more and work on turning the dial to provide greater and more meaningful opportunities for our young people. “

Jason Kimberley CEO Cool Australia

You can read more from Maralyn, Jason, Prof. Reid, and other prominent Australians here in our Public Education Day blog.