Principals Agreement Ballot

A new draft Principals Agreement 2023 has been proposed for AEU Principal Members to consider and vote on.

The strength, unity and participation of many AEU Principal Members over several years has been critical in reaching this point.

Your elected AEU Executive recommends that you vote YES to accept the Offer.

Please check your details are displayed correctly, read through the information provided, download the documents and submit your vote in the ballot.

Key Wins

The proposed Agreement has significant wins for Principal Members.  These include: 

  • School classifications being determined based on global school budgets and not just student enrolments, to reflect the complexity of schools more fully.  
  • A significant number of schools being reclassified at a higher level.  Where this happens, the substantive principal in that school will be appointed to the higher level without having to apply for the position. 
  • No member being worse off, as salary maintenance is guaranteed for the very small number of cases where a school has been reclassified at a lower level. 
  • The inclusion of three progression points within each level, so a principal can progress to the base salary of the next level if they meet PDP goals.  This acknowledges the skills and expertise that principals continue to develop after appointment. 
  • Back pay for principals who have been substantively appointed to their school at any time since the beginning of Term 1 2022, where their school classification increases upon registration of the proposed Agreement.
  • A review process so school classifications can be adjusted over time, in line with changes to global school budgets. 
  • A review point built into the proposed Agreement so we can make sure it is operating as intended. 

The Ballot

Voting closes 9:00am 14th November 2023.