We are very pleased to see that our years of lobbying the Department of Education has resulted in the Health and Wellbeing Action Plan for Principals.

Professor Phil Riley has been conducting surveys into Principal Health and Wellbeing since 2011. It was great to have him again in Tasmania recently to discuss the latest findings in his data and assist us to develop some feedback for the Department of Education on the Health and Wellbeing Action Plan. A quick synopsis of Prof Riley’s findings reveals that unfortunately the health of Principals has continued on its downward curve in all measured criteria in most states, with the exception of some small improvements in the Victorian data.  Prof Riley explained that some significant actions by the Department of Education in Victoria to alleviate Principals being caught up in ‘administrivia’ and to streamline Principal actions around complex issues has resulted in decreases in the levels of stress.

The Principals who attended the forums in Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone looked through the 19 Actions in the Tasmanian plan and recommended some specific behaviours that we would like to see to ensure the best possible results. Those recommendations will be sent to Learning Services and Policy and Strategy.  Our expectation is that our recommendations will be timely information for the two Health and Wellbeing Leaders.