Branch President Helen Richardson gives an end-of-term wrap on key issues.


  • Our goal as a union for the last five years has been to get bipartisan support for all schools to be funded to the Schooling Resource Standard as quickly as possible because that is the only way to ensure no child misses out.
  • Our commitment to the campaign has changed the national conversation about schools funding. Thanks to your campaigning, everyone is talking about needs based funding for our schools.
  • Our campaign will go on, we won’t give up the fight until we ensure every child has an equal chance to succeed
  • The current result is not what we wanted, but it doesn’t change our resolve to continue campaigning until all our public schools are properly resourced and no child misses out on the support they need.

Early Childhood Intervention Service and the NDIS

  • From July 1st, the NDIS will open to Tasmanian children 4 to 11 and from July 1st, 2018 for children between 0 and 3. As such many services provided for children with a disability will transition to the NDIS ECEI framework over the next 18 months. ECIS within the DoE will not continue after the end of 2018.
  • The AEU has been working with the DoE to ensure that our members employment conditions are not adversely effected by the closure of the four ECIS workplaces.
  • The AEU continues to work with other stakeholders to identify any gaps in service during the transitional stage. ECIS provides quality developmental education programs and we are concerned that the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) NDIS framework may see some unintended consequences particularly in relation to teaching and learning/transitional services that ECIS provides.

Principal’s Working Groups

  • Regional meetings have been organised for the beginning of Term 3.
  • The purpose of the meetings will be to identify issues, establish a collective principal voice through Principal Committees and work out what it will take to ‘win’.
  • We have a 15-month Agreement. During this time, we will form our Log of Claims that will be the basis to progress the issues important to principal members.


Member Working Groups

In Term 3, you will be invited to join working parties to work on critical issues such as workload, salaries for promotable positions and health and wellbeing. Deliberations from these working parties will form the basis of our next Log of Claims for our next Agreement. Keep an ‘eye out’ for dates and locations of the regional meetings early next term.

Working Groups for Laboratory Technicians and Teacher Assistants have been established. Members have raised some critical issues around career structure, workload, Lab Tech formula and work/life balance.

Workload Survey

We know that workload is the most critical issue for all who work in education. We have commissioned ACER to undertake an extensive survey into workload for AEU members in Term 3. It is critical that we have great participation as the results will give us robust, independent evidence that we can use to address this issue in our next Agreement.

It has been another big term for everyone in education. I hope you have a well-earned and restful break.

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