At our last Branch Council we were delighted to be joined by Labor Opposition leader Bec White and Green’s Leader Cassie O’Connor, talking about their vision for education in Tasmania. It also offered an opportunity for members to ‘tell it how it is’ in our schools, colleges and TAFE. What a disappointment that the Premier was absent!

Councillors were also inspired by the presentations from our panel of key education stakeholders, the common thread for all presenters was the fundamental importance of education.

Branch Council joined all other States and Territories in passing a motion urging State and Federal Governments to delay the introduction of NAPLAN online till at least 2020. 

Another motion passed unanimously which calls on the Federal Government to ‘immediately bring the refugees and detainees on Manus Island and Nauru back to Australia and end the horrific treatment and limbo they have been left in warehoused in detention and to resettle them humanely in accommodation in Australia’.

Earlier this month I attended Federal Executive.  Leading up to the next Federal Election, the launch of the Fairer Funding Campaign will now take place in March. At Federal Conference a ‘manifesto’ will be developed which will examine the impact of the Turnbull education funding agenda, and what this will mean for our students.

The campaign to secure ongoing Federal funding for universal access to 15 hours of early childhood education will continue, as this funding is only guaranteed till 2018.

In our Week of Action our social media rolled out great photos of members at many workplaces proudly wearing our Quality Education stickers. Our ‘Honkathons’ have been a great success as we take our message of Quality Education for All to the community. Congratulations to all the members who have supported activities for our campaign. Let’s keep it ‘loud’. Politicians are watching!

Over the summer break and into the new year, we’ll continue to lobby politicians and take our campaign out to the community. 

Together, let’s continue to give all political parties a very loud message that we are standing as a union, calling on them to commit to quality education for all Tasmanian students so no Tasmanian child gets left behind.

I hope you all have a safe and ‘well deserved’ break. Please keep an eye on our social media as more events are planned to keep our campaign ‘front and centre’ leading up to the State election.