The AEU Senior Secondary Committee of Management (SSCOM) is continuing to listen and actively represent member’s interests who are being adversely impacted by changes to the 2017 exam-marking process.

Despite assurances to the contrary in meetings with management from the Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards and Certification (TASC), a lack of transparency, clarity, timeliness and adequate communication continues to dog the exam-marking process.  As a result, workloads are being negatively impacted with many teachers unduly stressed by having to adapt to last minute changes and notifications and having to ensure that disruptions to students are minimised.

At an emergency meeting of SSCOM convened late on Friday the 10th, teacher representatives passed a motion to highlight continuing inadequacies and flaws in the current processes of TASC. This is a process that remains most unlikely to provide a smooth completion of the exam period, despite a last-minute flurry of TASC activity and yet-to-be-disclosed extra resourcing from the DOE.

The motion passed by SSCOM provides the following:

  • A manifest lack of transparency in selection of marking panels for 2017 pre-tertiary examinations.
  • Tardy and inadequate provision of communication with AEU representatives
  • Lack of response to individual member requests for information
  • Failure to provide adequate and timely advice to Marking Examiners of subjects
  • Failure to provide adequate and timely appointment of markers to subject marking panels
  • Failure to appoint adequate and timely numbers of markers to meet requirements of subject panels
  • Inadequate notification and arrangements for attendance at markers meetings
  • Inadequate remuneration for part-time teachers required to attend meetings in their own time
  • Unilateral reductions in remuneration for many teachers participating as Marking Examiners or Markers

The AEU Tasmania Branch Senior Secondary Committee of Management has no confidence in the Office of Tasmanian Assessment Standards Certification to adequately engage, resource and remunerate DOE teachers and thus ensure student, teacher and community confidence in the integrity and quality assurance of 2017 examination procedures, processes and assessments.

As at the deadline for publication of this edition of e-reporter, representatives from the office of the Minister for Education, Jeremy Rockcliff have initiated urgent discussions with the AEU.  Accordingly, there now seems to be an emerging appreciation that changes to exam-marking process have been unnecessarily rushed and urgent remediation is required to adequately address the stress being experienced by our members who remain totally committed to ensuring and providing quality educational outcomes for their students.

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