Tasmanian educators celebrate World ESP Day!

Tasmanian educators will today join their colleagues around the globe in celebration of World ESP Day.

Education Support Personnel (ESPs) are our fellow Teacher Assistants, Laboratory Technicians, Aboriginal Education Assistants, Youth Workers, Library Technicians, School Admin and Business Managers.

Without ESPs, learnings stops.

ESPs work across a broad range of roles and careers, in all levels of education. Terms like ‘support staff’ or ‘aides’ don’t reflect the diversity of these workers or the increased complexity of their roles, just as our schools have also become more wide ranging.

The title came out of a gathering of leaders representing 32.5 million educators across the globe (Education International) in 2018 which was attended by ESP and AEU elected representative Mandy Jackson. Educators saw the need for a united title to reflect the diverse professional skills and expertise of these roles around the world, to support our campaign to win better recognition, conditions, and respect – together, in union.

“As Education Support Personnel we are on the frontline daily but often feel undervalued and unseen,” said AEU Deputy President Jo Stevens.

“Today we are celebrating all the amazing work you do and recognising the difficulties you face every day.  You are valued, you are seen and you are appreciated. Along with our teacher colleagues we have an ever growing voice that speaks for us all.

Joanna Stevens, AEU Deputy President – Support Staff Sector

“We will keep fighting for the proper funding and support that Tasmanian students and educators deserve.”