AEU Media Releases

Australia ranks poorly in OECD PISA 2018 report

Australia’s poor ranking in the latest OECD report on worldwide education indicators provides further evidence of the impact of government school funding policies on resource equity, staffing, student opportunity and outcomes. The PISA 2018 Results: Effective...

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Teachers, school principals reject NAPLAN

Three quarters of teachers say that NAPLAN is ineffective as a method of assessing students according to the latest “State of our Schools” survey. The Australian Education Union (AEU) 2020 State of our Schools survey, with more than 12,000 responses from public school...

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“ANSA” is not the answer to NAPLAN

The recommendations from today’s NAPLAN review provide little hope that the proposed new Australian National Standardised Assessment (ANSA) will be any better than the incredibly flawed and damaging NAPLAN system it is proposed to replace. The review of NAPLAN,...

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