AEU Media Releases

AEU support prompts school workplace improvement

STAFF at a Tasmanian public school are celebrating after AEU assistance saw teachers granted rightful break entitlements. The Union this week responded to issues raised at a Tasmanian school by staff who were not receiving their full 30-minute lunch break. After...

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Hard-working Tasmanian teachers starved of acknowledgement

TASMANIAN teachers and school staff are less than impressed with a government determined to spin figures and claim credit for student retention rates. Not only are the selective figures used by the government misleading, claiming credit overlooks our hardworking...

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Liberal governments neglect students with highest needs

The Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services has shown per student funding to private schools continues to grow at a higher rate than for public school students with higher levels of need. “Tasmanian public schools and colleges are getting great...

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