nen win

One of our New Educator members is a very happy camper after we worked together to have their hours increased to fulltime then secured them thousands of dollars in back pay!

Having completed eight continuous, full and satisfactory terms of contract teaching, the primary school member was shocked to receive a Flexible Teaching Pool (FTP) offer of 0.6 FTE (three days a week). Further investigation of their employment history uncovered a miscalculation by the DoE.

The member was re-calculated to have a 1.0 FTE (full-time) permanent position.

In addition, it was discovered that the member had been working for over two years on the wrong salary scale. This matter was resolved with the New Educator receiving full back pay and their salary corrected.

This double win really does show that it pays to belong to the AEU! If you would like your pay or FTP offers examined, please do not hesitate to contact Adam Clifford at