New Educators

We understand that new educator teachers face specific challenges at work, and we’ve achieved some significant outcomes for new educators over the years

Resources and Links
  • A 6.5% pay-rise for entry level teachers secured under the Teachers Agreement 2017
  • Increase in Parental Leave (2 weeks extra Maternal Leave, 5 Days extra Paternal Leave)
  • Substantive permanent positions offered
  • AEU Co-Rep mentoring program
  • Additional support through the Beginning Teacher Time Release (BeTTR) program. More here

As well as improving your pay and conditions, we’re also here to provide advice when you need it, to run high-quality online/offline training and skills development, and to campaign for big picture. This includes:

  • Teach Meet Events
  • PD in the Pub
  • National New Educator Conference
  • Teacher Induction events

When you’re in the AEU, you’re also part of a vibrant, diverse community of fellow educators. The New Educator Network (NEN) is a community network run specifically for student and graduate members.

NEN runs PD opportunities for AEU members who are at a similar stage in their careers and provides opportunities for you to meet others, get involved in the union, help create policy and become active in key campaigns that will affect your working life and your students. Over 20% of our Branch Council and your Executive members are new educators.