I’m excited to let you know that after a long wait, we are getting close to having the new PSUWA support staff Agreement ready to take into the Tasmanian Industrial Commission for registration. You had the opportunity to vote in the ballot last year, but other unions have only just completed their internal processes.

This means – pay rises back dated to December 2019 following registration of the Agreement.

It also means improvements to your conditions will begin to be rolled out, including increases to allowances and improved leave arrangements.

Public Holidays

When the new Agreement is registered, new arrangements for public holidays for support staff will begin.

As is currently the case, public holidays during term time that fall on a regular work day for you will be paid holidays.

A new clause in the Agreement addresses public holidays that fall during term breaks.

Public holidays that fall on a regular work day for you, but during a term break, will be compensated under the new Agreement with Time Off In Lieu (TOIL).

Support staff will now have access to a maximum of nine public holidays per year which are either paid (during term time) or compensated with TOIL (term breaks).

With Easter holidays approaching, note that if Monday or Tuesday are regular working days for you, you will receive TOIL for these days that you can take for a paid day off instead of a regular working day – these must be taken before the end of the calendar year.

Recruit – grow support staff power!

With wage increases, backpay and a bunch of improvements on the way for support staff, now is the time to recruit new support staff members to the AEU.

Ask your workplace Rep for membership forms, or just send you colleagues a link to sign up securely through our website: aeutas.org.au/join/

Often all it takes for someone to join their union is for someone to ask – with more members our power increases and we can keep improving wages and conditions for all members.