National TAFE Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of our national TAFE system, and it provides a chance for us to remind politicians about the precarious state that the TAFE system is currently in across the country as a result of reforms, budget cuts, and the activities of private for-profit providers. The day provides us with the opportunity to highlight how important a guaranteed minimum of 70% of vocational education funding is to TAFE.

We want to encourage Stop TAFE Cuts supporters to get involved and organise an activity to mark the day. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate:

1. Hold a morning tea or BBQ at your TAFE campus or workplace

You can download a poster from our website to spread the word, and encourage your colleagues and students to sign up to the campaign website as well as talking about why TAFE is too good to lose.

2. Call or email your MP

One of the most valuable contributions you can make to the campaign is to call or email your Federal MP. Tell them it is National TAFE Day and explain why TAFE is important to you and your community. Remember to ask them to sign our Funding Guarantee!

3. Selfie

If you can’t quite muster up a crowd, or you’re not on campus – send us through a selfie with our “Guarantee 70% VET Funding for TAFE” sign. Post it on social media on National TAFE Day – make sure to use the hashtag #StopTAFECuts so we can find it!

4. Find and share the campaign on social media

Check out the Stop TAFE Cuts Facebook page and the @TAFECampaign Twitter account.