National push to make workplaces Covid-safe

The coronavirus pandemic is presenting unique challenges to all staff working in public education. Your health and safety is the AEU’s highest priority at this time. 

Australian Unions and ACTU Centre for Health and Safety have developed a range of fact sheets for workers, so you can ensure your workplace is COVID-Aware. 

Access the Covid Aware kit here

Other states have progressed their Covid classroom preparedness, with some jurisdictions following these ventilation measures at schools: 

  • Increase the amount of outside air circulating by opening windows wherever it is possible – this includes in vehicles or mobile plant 
  • improve the indoor air quality by ensuring that the air conditioning systems are well maintained and circulating fresh air, not recirculating the air. 
  • Keep all doors and vents open as much as possible. 
    • Keep these openings clear of any obstruction to air flow. 
    • Door jambs should be used to keep doors open. 
    • Aim to open windows and vents that are higher or towards the ceiling during poor or windy weather. 

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