Member Win with MSC – Fixing an Incorrect Classification

Your AEU Member Support Centre (MSC) recently assisted a member who queried their pay classification with HR. Initially our member was told they were being paid accurately based on the Award. However, after consulting with us, we were able to assist our member in drafting an email explaining to HR the error they had made with specific reference to the Award. HR has since apologised for the error and confirmed that our member will be back paid over $5000. 

From time-to-time payroll might get it wrong, if you have queries about your pay and need support with correspondence to HR, please contact your Member Support Centre legal team. 

This has not been an isolated case, your MSC team has had two cases like this recently where Union support has resulted in improved classification and backpay; both members had no success on their own. 

Contact your MSC: 6234 9500 or 

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