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Benevolent Assistance Apply to AEU for assistance in the form of an interest free cash loan, a grant or the waiver of AEU membership fees.
Recognition of Reps form Newly elected or endorsed workplace Rep must complete and returm this form ASAP
Change of employment status Application form for change of status from fixed-term to permanent
Statutory Declaration Used to declare sick leave when an employee is unable to obtain a medical certificate
Variation of Permanent working hours (FTE) Should be completed by all teaching staff making a request for an increase or a decrease in their working hours (FTE)
AEU Expense Claim Form To be completed by members who have travelling or other expenses from Union related business
Function Allowance form To be completed by AEU Reps or other responsible Union Representatives to apply for capitation fees for their sub-branch
Direct Debit Form  Apply for Direct Debit of AEU Subscriptions or a change in your current debit details
 The expense of Office All0wance Form  Form for Branch Executive and Branch council.