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Agreements, Awards and Directions


Principals Leadership Agreement 2013

School Teachers

DoE teachers agreement 2017

Practice Teaching Supervision Rates

Teaching Service (Tasmanian Public Sector) Award 

Teaching Service Salaries and Conditions of Employment Agreement 2014

TAFE Division

TasTAFE Teaching Staff Award

TasTAFE Teaching Staff Industrial Agreement 2017

Support Staff

Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2016

Teacher Aide Placement Policy Jan 2010

Tasmanian State Service Award

Schools Support Staff Holidays with Pay Agreement 2015

Teacher Transfer Agreement

DoE Teacher Transfer Industrial Agreement 2013

Relocation Expenses Procedures

Permanency Processes

DoE Employment Direction No. 9: Change of Employment Status of a Teacher from a Fixed-Term to a Permanent Employee

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals Public Sector Unions Wages Agreement 2016


Circular Memo – Workforce Renewal Incentive Program

Employment and Ministerial Directions

  • The State Service Employment Direction no.1 –EMPLOYMENT IN THE STATE SERVICE – Directs many aspects of members employment such as : requirements when advertising vacant positions; employment status [Permanent, fixed term ] and conversion to permanent from fixed term for DoE non-teaching staff [teachers conversion cover by ED no.9 –see on this page] and Tafe employees; promotion; secondment and probation processes. The link to this primary document is HERE.


  • Information  on eligibility and processes for claiming Relocation or Transfer expenses -the costs associated with moving residence as a result of an initial teaching appointment / assignment or as a result of reassignment under the Teacher Transfer Agreement completed assignments or due to promotion is directed but Ministerial Direction no.21 – TRAVEL AND RELOCATION ASSISSTANCE WITH RESPECT TO APPOINTMENT< PROMOTION OR ASSIGNMENT OF DUTIES FOR OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES. The link to this primary document is HERE. Note -The DoE also has its own policy document  –  Relocation Expenses Policy – based on Ministerial Direction no.21. This is available to DoE employees on their intranet site. Use the ‘search’ box to access this document.


#Note – All State Service Employment directions and Ministerial Directions covering matters which member should be aware of such as ‘State Service Principles’; Code of Conduct procedures; performance investigation procedures; Gifts and Benefits; Workforce Renewal Incentives program; among others, can be found HERE.