Frequently Asked Questions

AEU Membership Assistance
I need to know how much I paid the AEU in a previous financial year for taxation purposes?
Every year at the end of June (after the last pay day of the financial year) the Membership Team will send you an email to your preferred address telling you the amount you paid, if you pay via Direct-Debit or Credit Card deduction.  If you pay via payroll deduction (no longer offered as a method of payment) the amount will be calculated on your Payment Summary provided by the Department.  For those that pay via invoice you would have retained the top of your invoice when you returned the remittance advice with your payment.
I need to change where my subscriptions come from

No matter the form of payment you have most details can be changed with a phone call or email to the membership team, if you are converting from Payroll Deduction to Direct-Debit or Credit Card Payment you can download the form from the Join Now section of the site and fax the form back to us.

I am moving house. Who should I inform?

You can either email or phone 6234 9500 and tell the person who answers the phone they will update the details for you. Alternatively you can log into the members only section of this website here and go to the update personal details area.

I have converted to an Annualised salary; does this affect my subscription payment?
Yes. If you have changed your salary to annualise you need to let us know as soon as you can, that way we can assure the correct discount is applied to your subscription based on whether you chose 40 or 42 weeks.
I forgot to let the AEU know that my time fraction (FTE) had changed at the start of the year; will I get the overpaid amount of money back?

It is important to inform the AEU via your AEU Representative or yourself by phone or email if your FTE changes so that we are taking the correct amount of subscription from you. If there has been a long time since this happened we will discuss with you repaying the amount that you may have underpaid based on individual circumstance, we can refund up to 3 months of overpaid subscriptions based on AEU Policy.

How does taking leave affect my AEU Subscriptions?

It depends what sort of leave you are taking at the time, the rule of thumb to remember is that whatever you are getting paid we will take 1% of that as your AEU Subscription, for example if you take Maternity Leave at 0.5 of your full time salary we will reduce your subs by 50% for the period of leave.  If you are on workers compensation payment of 85% we will discount your subs by 15% for the period of that leave.  If you are on LWOP then we will not take subscriptions for the period of leave.  If you are getting paid you need to remain financial, if you are not getting paid then we are not taking subscriptions.

What about subscriptions and stand-down?

Anyone who is affected by stand-down does not pay subscriptions over the Christmas holiday period; subscriptions will last be taken on the end pay in December and do not restart until the second pay in term 1 of the following year.  This ensures that anyone affected by stand-down only pays for 42 weeks of the year.  If you are annualised please see FAQ 4.

What are the terms and conditions of my membership?

1. Individual members are responsible for informing the AEU of any changes to their personal and employment details including workplace, FTE, status, classification and address.

2. Upon receipt of information from either individual members or AEU Reps or the employer, the AEU will adjust subscription amounts accordingly.

3. If a member wishes to resign from the AEU whilst still eligible for membership they must do so in writing to the State Manager stating the reason for resignation. Once received, the resignation will become effective 14 days from receipt of the correspondence.

4. The AEU reserves the right to refuse assistance in regards to issues for members that were un-financial or not a member at the time of the issue arising.

5. Individual members are responsible for ensuring that their subscriptions are paid by the due date.

6. All members are required to abide by the AEU Rules at all times (Rules are available on the AEU website or upon request to

7. By applying for AEU Membership it is agreed that each member will receive AEU Information electronically to their preferred email address directly and only from AEU Officers. The AEU will not provide your details to any outside parties or agencies.

Why is it better for me to pay my subscriptions by direct debit (the AEUs preferred option)?

Despite the current strong and cordial relationship we maintain with the DoE, we must prepare for the day when we have a government; either State or Federal; determined to destroy our Union. Imagine if, in the middle of a big campaign, the government stopped processing payroll deductions. The AEU would be seriously weakened. It happened in Victoria under Kennett where the AEU went from a membership of 35,000 to fewer than 5,000 almost overnight. It took the Victorian Branch more than five years to rebuild itself. It’s not a question of whether a government would ever do it; it’s a question of when. The AEU prefers Direct Debit over other methods of payment because the administrative costs and fees associated are considerably less than the other options.

I would like to ask a colleague to join our Union; how can I approach them?

A good approach to take is it explain why you are a member and why you see it is in their best interest to join. Mention that the AEU:

  • is the professional body for people who work in public education with over 5000 members in Tasmania
    gives a combined voice to teachers and support staff on education matters
  • negotiates wages and conditions on behalf of teachers and support staff
  • provides free individual information, advice and assistance. In some cases this can save a member a great deal of time and/or money
  • can save people money with their private health insurance, banking and purchasing of various goods and services (through ACTU Member Connect) and, potentially, legal costs

Explain that when actions need to be taken on matters within a workplace or more widely, if everyone is united through AEU membership, it adds strength in the negotiation and bargaining.

Have you convinced them? Then download a membership form for them under Join/Update > Join Now section of the site.