Time is running out for Premier Will Hodgman to convince Malcolm Turnbull to honour Tasmania’s full Gonski Agreement and deliver $100 million to our schools in the next two years.

There is $100 million in Gonski school funding on the table for Tasmanian schools but Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t want to deliver and Will Hodgman needs to fight for it.

Will Hodgman says education is a top priority but we’ve heard nothing from him about what he will do to ensure Mr Turnbull honours Tasmania’s Gonski Agreement and delivers the $100m of funding schools desperately need.

Mr Hodgman was asked on ABC Radio 936 Mornings with Leon Compton (7 February 2017) about what he was doing to secure Federal Gonski funding for our schools and rather than answer the question he tried to deflect attention to Victoria!

Mr Hodgman sounded like someone more concerned with Federal politics and the interests of the embattled Prime Minister than focussed on the needs of our schools.

Other premiers are fighting tooth and nail to secure from Malcolm Turnbull their share of Gonski funding but what is Will Hodgman doing?

Gonski funding pays for the things we know work – more one-on-one teacher time; help from speech therapists; individual attention with reading, writing and maths.

Tasmania has a six-year signed Gonski Agreement with the Commonwealth, where state and federal governments jointly invest in our schools – but Malcom Turnbull doesn’t want to honour his side of the Agreement.

Only a fraction of Gonski money has been delivered so far in Tasmania, with the largest amounts due to flow in the next two years – the Federal Government’s share is $100 million in 2018/2019.

We know Will Hodgman wants to deliver quality education for all Tasmanian children but what is his plan to secure the $100m in Federal Gonski funding from Malcolm Turnbull to enable that to happen?

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