Helen Richardson, AEU Tasmania Branch President, said:

“Will Hodgman failed to deliver on a pledge to stand up and fight for our Gonski agreement at COAG.”

“The ACT, NSW and SA made clear that they want their agreements honoured in full but Will Hodgman again failed to stand up to Turnbull and advocate for our six-year signed agreement to be honoured.

“Hodgman says his Government will fund its share of the full six year Gonski agreement but doesn’t believe the Federal Government should honour its side of the deal.

“Why is Will Hodgman letting the Federal Government walk away from a commitment to deliver funding that we all know our schools desperately need?

 “Just two months ago Hodgman’s Education Minister said* the state government was “very much advocating” for the federal government to deliver its share of the full six years so why his Hodgman now letting Turnbull cut $85 million of Gonski funds from our schools?”

Turnbull axing our signed six year Gonski agreement cuts $85M in Gonski funds from schools, in the next two years alone, and cuts funding growth rate to that of the lowest of any state – despite Tasmania being the highest need state.”

Further information:

* Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff: “As a state government we are committed to the full six years of gonski funding and our state’s contribution to six years of Gonski and still very much advocating for the federal government’s commitment to six years of Gonski as well.”
In terms of the six year funding arrangement there is a big uplift in the last two years, that means around 90 to 100 million dollars in those last two years of years 5 and 6 of Gonski – so significant funding.” (Rockliff Doorstop, Ministerial Council 7/4/17, Hobart.)

Harriet Binet, AEU Communications, 0427 841 760, or 6234 9500.

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