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Your Pay – No Show?

If you have not received your pay, or have been underpaid, we suggest you take three key steps to help ensure the problem is fixed and that you receive your full entitlements.


Step 1

If you notice a problem with your pay, or lack of it, inform your employer as soon as possible. If you don’t contact your employer (Department of Education) immediately, it may delay any entitlement to penalty payments.

Step 2

Email the human resources section of the Department of Education, the contact address is (correct at time of publication), and in that email you need to:

  • Provide your name, employee number, and workplace.
  • Point out that you have not received your pay, or have
  • been underpaid.
  • Request that the problem be rectified.
  • Keep a copy of the email and all future correspondence.

Step 3

Check your bank account, at least daily, and note when the pay problem was rectified.

Penalty payments

If you receive no pay, or are underpaid, on a pay day then you may be entitled to a penalty payment equal to 5% of your salary, per day, until the shortfall is rectified i.e. you receive your correct pay.

The penalty payment period may begin almost immediately for Support Staff, while for Teaching Staff the employer has two working days, after being informed of the problem, to provide the correct payment.

Remember that if you agree to a Department of Education suggestion that the correction be deferred until a set date, you will not be eligible for a penalty payment.

If you believe you may be entitled to a penalty payment talk to your AEU.

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