Travel and Meal Allowances

Employees covered under the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Award are entitled to the following Overnight Travel, Meals, Overtime and Day Travel Allowances.

Living away from home allowance
If you are required to travel overnight for work related purposes, you are to be provided with accommodation, meals and incidental expenses without incurring out of pocket expenses.

StateOvernight Accommodation Rate
Meals (preceding or following overnight absence)
Breakfast (applicable 7.00am –
Lunch (applicable 12.30 pm –
2.00 pm)
Dinner (applicable 6.00 pm –
7.30 pm)
Incidental expenses Meals
Payable per overnight stay$20.40

Meal allowances
If you are required to commence overtime duties 1.5 hours before, or to remain on duty 1.5 hours after, normal hours of duty, which require a meal to be obtained away from home, or if you undertake duties more than 60 kilometres from your normal work location and are required to purchase breakfast or dinner, you are entitled to payment of Day Travel allowance as follows:

MealRate of Allowance
Breakfast $14.35 
Lunch $16.15
Dinner $27.55

The rates contained above are derived from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Taxation Determination TD2020/5 Table 1. These rates are to be adjusted from July 1 each year by taking 50% of the appropriate ATO determination for meals in Table 1 of that determination, rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

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