Teaching and Delivery Requirements

Under the TasTAFE Teaching Agreement teaching and delivery requirements clause, there are several types of delivery mode:

Direct Learning a full time employee working in this mode has an annual teaching load of up to 760 hours with 19 hours being the weekly average and the remainder being DOTT time.

Workplace Learning a full time employee working in this mode shall do so on the basis of 1300 hours per annum. This incorporates DOTT for preparation, assessment and development activities.

Distance Learning All distance learning activities are undertaken on the same basis as workplace learning.

Mixed Mode Means an employee works more than one delivery mode e.g. Direct Learning and Workplace or Distance Learning.

To assess teaching and DOTT workload when you are in Mixed Mode, the calculation is time spent preparing reports and assessment tools, plus travel time, plus time spent at workplace, plus time spent doing required paper work as a consequence of the visit × 0.58 hours credited toward your Direct Learning hours.

You should use work vehicles if available or claim the Required User Allowance if you are are required, in writing, to use your own vehicle. Ensure the correct forms are completed and submitted with your manager.

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