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Teacher Transfer Agreement

The Department of Education (DoE) Teacher Transfer Industrial Agreement 2013 is being renegotiated.  The basic approach that DoE will take will remain broadly consistent with the 2013 agreement. 

This year consistent with the approach taken over the last two years: 

  • The transfer window will open on 9 May 2022 and close on 9 June 2022.
  • Transfers administered in accordance with the existing agreement with the following caveats;
  • Promotable roles are not included but may still occur based on profile adjustments to schools/colleges;
  • Eligible ‘A’ transfer applications will not be guaranteed an offer;
  • Any teacher who has completed 6 years plus at an A level school may be required to be assigned to an alternative school or college to facilitate eligible transfer requests.

Eligible service 

  • The definition of eligible service is based on a “years of service” system. The time required to “complete an assignment” has not changed and remains: 
  • three years in a Level D school/college 
  • four years in a Level C and B school/college 
  • six years in a Level A school/college 

The annual process 

The Teacher Transfer process is an annual process with changes coming into effect at the end of a school/college year. New placements start at the beginning of a school/college year. If you were placed in a school during the year, and had successfully ‘served’ your required time and been granted a transfer, you will not be able to move until the end of the year, in line with the annual process. 

Applications online 

The annual application process is now accessible through the DoE’s online Teacher Transfer Register and is open for all of Term 2.  Not this year, as per the above they transfer window closes on 9 June 2022, before the end of term 2. 

Compassionate transfers 

A compassionate transfer can now be made at any time and an individual’s circumstances will determine the level of priority given to the request.  We recommend that you talk with our team before you make an application. 

Workplace visit 

A teacher transferring now has the right to visit their new workplace before starting in the position. 

Transfer appeals 

The transfer appeal process is now more streamlined. If you believe a decision to transfer, or a refusal to be granted a requested transfer, is not in accordance with the Teacher Transfer Agreement (2013), you can appeal the decision in writing. 

BUT ONLY IF YOU COMMENCE AN APPEAL IN THE TIC within 14 days of being notified.  There is no way to extend this time. 

The DoE is to provide advice on the appeal process when a teacher is notified of a required transfer or when a requested transfer has been refused. 

Clause 14.2 of the Agreement outlines the appeal/review process and time-frames. 

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