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Teacher Member Union Wins Flyer

Are you getting all your new entitlements?

Print out this flyer and give it to members and potential members – encourage your colleagues to join so they have support to access entitlements, and so we all have more power for the next campaign and negotiations.

With the power of thousands, AEU Member Teachers have secured significant pay rises, new in-class support, professional support staff, improved support for beginning teachers, mentor teacher time release, new parental leave, Self-Directed Time, new allowances, an incentive package for isolated schools, reduced Professional Activity Days, more senior staff and much more!

School and college budgets have grown and new entitlements are centrally funded – a direct result of teachers, principals and education support personnel working together in union.

We are stronger in union! Congratulations – celebrate and claim your entitlements, get together in your workplace to make sure everything is in place and sign up new members today!

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