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TasTAFE: Leave Entitlements

Annual Leave or Compulsory Leave:

A full-time employee is entitled to four weeks (20 days) of annual leave. This leave is also referred to as compulsory leave and is to be taken at the following times:

  • 17 days commencing on 24 December (or on the Friday prior to 24 December where the 24th is a weekend).  The 17 day period is inclusive of public holidays but no annual leave will be deducted for public holidays; and,
  • three days commencing after Easter Tuesday each year.

Non-Attendance Time

A full-time employee is entitled to seven weeks (35 days) of non-attendance time for each completed year of service. Non-attendance time does not accrue from year to year and can only be taken at times agreed to between you and TasTAFE. 

Taking Non-Attendance time is subject to operational requirements of TasTAFE and it is required that assessment and resulting has been completed for the current study period; and preparation for teaching is complete and you are ready to commence your assigned teaching load in the following study period.

Leave Buy-Back

There are provisions in the Agreement to ‘buy back’ your annual or non-attendance time leave. This means you would work through your leave period and be paid more accordingly. This can only be done in agreement with you and TasTAFE, you can not be pressured into doing this, and the buy back of leave must not result in you having less than 20 days’ leave (pro rata).

Personal Leave

Personal leave includes sick leave and carers’ leave. 

Permanent fulltime employees have 20 days for the first year of service and 10 days for each subsequent year. You may be also apply to TasTAFE for an additional paid period not exceeding 20 days if you have exhausted all of your personal leave, this additional leave is discretionary and not a guaranteed entitlement. 

A medical certificate or statutory declaration will be required to access personal leave for a period of three or more consecutive days, or after you have taken an aggregate of five working days without a medical certificate or statutory declaration in a year.

Parental Leave 

Parental leave includes maternity, paternity and adoption leave. This consists of 18 weeks paid parental leave for any parents of a newborn child after 12 months service and up to 12 months’ unpaid parental leave. This can be taken at half pay for 36 weeks paid leave. 

For more information see our Fact Sheet on Parental Leave:

Family Violence Leave

Family violence leave may be accessed to attend medical/counselling/legal/financial appointments, organise safe housing/child care/educational services, maintain support networks, or undertake other related activities.

An employee is entitled to 20 days of family violence leave, this leave can be taken in hours rather than whole days if necessary. TasTAFE may approve additional leave at their discretion. An employee will also be able to access personal leave.

Family and Diversity Leave 

The new Agreement includes provisions for several new and expanded forms of leave including leave relating to foster care (10 days), surrogacy (6 weeks), gender affirmation (4 weeks paid and 48 weeks unpaid leave), disability (5 days per annum), cultural leave (5 days per annum) and reproductive health leave (10 days per annum) – these different forms of leave are considered a single entitlement and have a cap of 30 days per calendar year in total. 

Other Leave  

You may be eligible to access Defence Force Leave, Jury Service, Special Leave and Long Service Leave. You will also have access to the following public holidays if they fall on a day that you usually work. 

New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Labor Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Easter Tuesday, Anzac Day, Queen’s Birthday, Show and Cup Day holidays (as gazetted for the particular localities), Hobart Regatta Day (South of Oatlands), Recreation Day (where Regatta Day is not observed), Christmas Day and Boxing Day; or such other days as may be deemed to be publicly observed as the abovementioned holidays with pay.

If you have difficulty accessing any of the above types of leave, please contact us on (03) 6234 9500 or

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