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Speaking up and Speaking out

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As State Service Employees, you have the same right to make public comments as everyone else.

You do not need permission to speak up and speak out.

Except that you have to continue to comply with the State Service Code of Conduct (the Code) and complying with this can impact on what you can say, when you can say it, and/or how you say it.

In this fact sheet we will provide you with guidelines and will go over what you should think about to enable you to avoid breaching the Code when you speak up and speak out about issues of concern to you individually and as a member of your AEU.

We also comment on other issues that can arise and provide some golden rules/cheat guide to minimise any risk of breaching the Code.

If you have any doubt or concerns about what you can say call us before you make comment.

Your AEU has a Campaign and Media team who can provide comment and help and three lawyers in our member support team who can also provide focused assistance.

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