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Retirement Checklist

We have devised an easy to follow retirement checklist, to help you navigate the decision-making process –

  1. Contact your superannuation provider. In most cases, for our members, this will either be RBF or Spirit Super. Accumulation Scheme members have moved to Spirit Super, while Defined Benefits members remain with RBF. Some members will have accounts with both Spirit Super and RBF.  It is important that members contact their respective superannuation funds to make sure that they are financially ready and able to retire. You can contact Spirit Super, Monday to Friday 8am-6pm on 1800 005 166 and RBF, Monday to Friday 8am-7pm on 1800 622 631.
  2. Contact your Financial advisor if you have one. It is wise to ensure that you are in the best possible financial position to retire. Both Spirit Super and RBF have these services.
  3. Check to see if there are any WRIPs available through the DoE or TasTAFE.  Currently, Workplace Renewal Incentive Payments are not being offered to employees.
  4. Contact HR/Payroll to discuss your proposed retirement date. HR/Payroll will be able to let you know if you have any Recreational Leave debt to pay back. If you have not worked up to a certain date, you may not have accumulated all the leave you have previously taken. This is worked out on a case by case basis, as each employee has differing circumstances. You can contact HR/Payroll on   (03) 6165 6261.
  5. Consider your options with your LSL in full. If you have a LSL balance you may wish to consider whether you want to take some leave prior to retiring, or have the leave paid out on retirement – some members transition straight from LSL into retirement.
  6. Give you employer formal notice. You are required to give the DoE/TasTAFE 2 weeks’ notice of termination of employment. You do also have the option to forfeit 2 weeks’ wages in lieu of this notice. It is advised that you give your formal notice of retirement in writing to your principal/line manager.
  7. Consider whether you would like to do relief work. If eligible, some retiring members continue teaching via relief work. If you feel that this might be an option for you, then please remember to keep your TRB registration and Working with Vulnerable People check current.
  8. Advise the AEU of your retirement. Please contact your union and advise us of your retirement date and an alternate email address, as your DoE email will no longer be accessible to you. At this point your union will also be able to discuss your membership options with you.

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