Workplace Representatives (Reps) are essential to the effective operation of your union. Reps are the link between members in the workplace, the union’s decision making bodies, and between workplace 

Being an AEU Rep means that you support Union values and want to contribute to building a fair and just society. You understand that the way to do this is by building power in our Union. A central part of this is recruiting and organising members at your workplace.

Reps have an important role to play in campaigns whether they are in the workplace, across the state or across the country. Empowering and educating members about union initiatives and encouraging participation in campaigns is your core business.The Rep is also the first point of contact for AEU members seeking information about workplace issues, conditions and entitlements. Reps form a network of links amongst other Reps as well as with the AEU’s staff and elected positions. A Rep has many opportunities to develop skills and experience in areas such as leadership, negotiation and conflict resolution. The AEU offers tailored training, advice and mentoring.

All Reps should use their Award entitlement to five days’ paid leave for union training to attend conferences and training. All Reps are required to attend initial training (New Reps training) to ensure that they are familiar with their role and the support available to them. Most members receive paid relief to attend training (this is not applicable to TAFE Division members). There is also a two-day AEU Workplace Leaders Convention, held annually.