Rep education and development

Providing education and development opportunities for Reps is a top priority and the AEU has an annual program of events.

Reps and co-Reps are entitled to up to 5 days’ paid leave for AEU leadership training.

Education is designed to help develop a Rep’s knowledge and skills to enable them to effectively perform their role in the workplace.

Professional learning sessions range from 30 minutes to full-day sessions and are held around the state.All AEU Reps are entitled to five days’ paid leave to attend training each calendar year.In addition, the AEU has secured five days of paid relief (your employer must provide someone to cover your role in your absence) for Reps employed in the Department of Education (not applicable to TAFE Division) for education and training.

New Reps’ education

This aimed at members who have recently taken on the role of Workplace Representative and is a two-day course held early in term one. It is also for Reps who have not participated in training for at least two years and is offered as a Refresher courses are normally one day and held throughout the year.

Topics covered in New Reps’ training include:

  • Acting collectively to bring about change
  • Role of the Workplace Representative
  • Your rights
  • Recruitment strategies and getting others involved
  • Having your say in the AEU
  • Dealing with problems and issues
  • Current issues
  • Running meetings
  • Communication

Developing leaders training

Your AEU offers advanced training for experienced Reps to hone their skills. It focuses on contemporary issues and development of workplace leaders to address matters at workplace level and beyond.

Workplace Leaders Convention

A two-day Workplace Leaders Convention is held annually.

The theme of the workshops are developed in response to current industrial and professional issues with informative and thought provoking keynote speakers. 

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