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Relief Coordinator Allowance

This is a new allowance, won by the AEU as part of the Teachers Agreement 2023 negotiations.

If you are required to undertake relief coordinator duties, you are now entitled to an allowance. The amount of the allowance differs depending on the level of your school as follows:

  • Schools classified as Level 4/5/6 – $1200 per term
  • Schools classified as Level 2/3 $900 per term
  • Schools classified as Level 1 – $600 per term

If more than one person is appointed to undertake relief coordinator duties then the allowance will be split amongst the multiple relief coordinators on a pro-rata basis.

The allowance is payable from the first full pay period after 1 March 2023.

We note that an employee should not be directed to undertake the relief coordinator duties without their consultation and agreement.

The operation of this entitlement will be review by DECYP and the AEU prior to the ed of Term 4 2023.

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