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Registration to Work with Vulnerable People

Between 1 July 2014 and 1 January 2017, the Tasmanian government undertook a three-year phased in process for the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People requirement.

Under the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013 persons working in a child related service or activity are required to be registered every 3 years.  The RWVP check consists of a detailed national and, where possible, international police check to determine any potential risk to children. The check is thorough and involves cooperation and sensitive sharing of data across states and territories. All teachers, support staff, non-teaching employees of schools, colleges and TasTAFE, people who transport children (e.g. bus drivers), volunteers and some contractors will need to hold an approved registration check. Registration is for a 3-year period, at the end of which the checking process is repeated.

The DoE has identified the following positions where registration is required –

  • Principals and Assistant Principals;
  • Teachers (including AST, LAT holders);
  • Non-teaching staff who work with children (support staff);
  • All office employees (including SBM, administration clerks);
  • School Nurses;
  • Education Facility Attendants (gardeners, cleaners and cooks);
  • School bus drivers;
  • Person on work experience placement;
  • Mentors and tutors;
  • Volunteers (including but not limited to): In the school canteen, uniform shop and library; and For activities (swimming carnivals, athletic carnivals, sporting competitions etc.);
  • Instructors or leaders of before school/after school/vacation care activity programs organised in conjunction with the school for its students and that take place at the school or its premises;
  • Parents/caregivers (including but not limited to):
  • Classroom help (reading, cooking, gardening etc.); and
  • Attending excursions (including walkathons); and
  • School camps.

Costs of RWVP registration

  • Volunteer Registration fee – $18.96
  • Employment Registration fee – $40.60
  • Change of Class – $91.64
  • Replacement Card – $39.50

Applicants must register under ALL categories in which they work or volunteer but will only pay a single fee – the higher one that applies.

In January 2015, due to concerns raised by members, the AEU wrote to the Secretary of the DoE requesting that the DoE make a commitment to pay for the cost of RWVPs for all current (at that time) state school employees. In a win for AEU members, the DoE and TasTAFE confirmed that they would pay for the cost of registration for the first cycle (3 years) for those school employees and volunteers who were employed during the phase-in period. Now that this period has ended, any new employees will need to cover their own registration costs. With the introduction of the new RWVP requirement, the DoE will no longer require its own DoE Good Character Check for employees. For more information on the RWVP and links to the application and registration process follow this link:

It is important to note that the DoE does not accept the use of a Statutory Declaration, 7 day exemption or RWVP from other States in lieu of the Tasmanian RWVP check.

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