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Professional Development and Return to Industry

Under the TasTAFE Teaching Agreement (clause 18) you and all TasTAFE teachers have the right to equitable access to professional development.  

What is your entitlement? 

Your agreed entitlement to professional development and return to industry is for: 

  1. A minimum of 10 days professional development and/or release to industry is to be undertaken each year by teachers. Part time teachers will be allocated PD days on a pro rata basis. 
  2. Professional development activities will be negotiated as part of the teacher’s development plan and will prioritise activities which maintain, develop and extend teachers’ vocational competency and currency of skills and knowledge relevant to:
    1. vocational training, learning and assessment;
    2. current industry skills, including the skills required by training packages/accredited courses and as identified by TasTAFE through industry engagement; and
    3. the industry area where training is being delivered and assessed.

What do you need to do? 

This entitlement should be offered to all teaching staff by their manager. 

If your manager has not spoken to you about undertaking your entitlement to 10 days of professional development and return to industry, please contact your manager to ensure that you can access this entitlement.  

Any other training entitlement? 

In addition to the 10 days allocated for professional development or return to industry, you are entitled to 30 hours per annum for organisational training. If the organisation does not utilise the full 30 hours, the balance can be applied to teacher professional development or return to industry. 

If you commenced employment after 1 July 2022 then your entitlement to professional development and return to industry may differ.

Not sure if you are getting what you are entitled to? 

If you have any difficulty in gaining access to this entitlement or have any questions about your rights at work, our member support team is here to help.  Contact them on 6234 9500 or  

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