New Teacher Registration Reimbursement

Join the AEU and we will pay for your Teacher Registration!

If you’re a New Educator in your first year of teaching and you become a financial member of the AEU we will pay your Tasmanian Teacher Registration Board (TRB) for a year.

Complete this Reimbursement form; attach your Teacher Registration Form and return them to us to apply for this fantastic offer.

The timing of the reimbursement of your TRB fees depends on how you pay your AEU membership. If you pay your AEU membership fortnightly or monthly then we will reimburse your Teacher Registration fee in two parts — the first 50% will be reimbursed six months after you join and the remaining 50% at 12 months. If pay your first year’s AEU membership in full upfront then we will reimburse your registration in full, upfront.

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