More Responsible Duties Allowance

Under the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Award, teaching staff are eligible to claim the More Responsible Duties Allowance when they take on higher duties. 

Clause 7, Part II of your Award states the following:

(a)  An employee is entitled to a more responsible duties allowance when the employee is directed to perform duties that are in excess of the duties of the employee’s classification band or consist of partial higher duties for a period of five or more consecutive working days.  

If you are directed to complete any of the following for a period of five or more consecutive working days, you are entitled to claim this allowance:

  • Completing of an approved workload scheduling tool for teams
  • Quoting for commercial course
  • Program the delivery of programs for teams
  • Negotiating with third parties on behalf of TasTAFE for the delivery of commercial programs
  • Fulfilling functions that fall within the SOD of an Educational manager.

A reminder that ‘teachers teach’ and ‘managers manage’ and you do not need to take on higher duties!

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