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Meetings provide a valuable opportunity to share information, develop professional practice and address issues within a school.

At the same time, the Teaching Service (Public Sector) Award 2023 and the Teachers Agreement 2023 place limits on how much time you can be asked to attend meetings.

How much time can I be asked to spend in after-school staff meetings?

If you are a full -time Band 1 teacher, you can be asked to attend staff meetings at the conclusion of the school day for a maximum of 100 hours per annum.

If you are a part-time Band 1 teacher, then you can be asked to attend on a pro-rata basis. For example, if you are working 0.5 FTE you can be asked to attend after school staff meetings for a maximum of 50 hours per annum. Your principal should consult with you to determine which meetings you will attend.

ASTs and Assistant Principals can be asked to attend additional staff meetings, in line with their Statement of Duties.

Can I be asked to attend meetings in my non-teaching time during the school day?

If you are a Band 1 teacher, you are entitled to non-teaching time inside the hours of the school’s provision of educational instruction i.e., between the start of the school day for student learning and the end of the school day, excluding recess and lunch break times.

While you can be asked to participate in meetings, a minimum of fifty percent of your non-teaching time inside the hours of the school’s provision of education instruction must be timetabled as self-directed time (SDT).

SDT is for you to undertake work related activities at your own direction for the purpose of planning, preparation, assessment, and communication with families.

During your SDT you cannot be asked to complete reporting work or be directed to participate in collaborative meetings, professional learning communities, staff meetings, professional learning, or other similar activities.

[Refer to AEU Self-Directed Time Fact sheet]

Are there limits to my participation in meetings as part of Professional Activity Days?

Where Professional Activity Day time is used for professional development, curriculum development and whole-school or team planning you must not be asked to participate beyond 5pm.

To ensure you know when you will need to participate in Professional Activity Days, your principal should also develop a calendar each year in consultation with staff.

For more detailed information about Professional Activity Days and your rights, please see our Fact Sheet with that title.

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