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Long Service Leave

TasTAFE members please note: your entitlements may change with new Agreements under the Fair Work Act. The below information relates to all DECYP members.

The Long Service Leave (State Employees) Act 1994 applies to all Tasmanian public sector employees across all Agencies and workplaces and job titles.

How do I know how much LSL I have?

LSL balance can be accessed online through MYHR/ESS or by calling Payroll directly, they no longer appear on pay-slips.

When can I access LSL?

All employees are eligible to access LSL after 10 years ‘continuous’ employment. Continuous employment includes: any period of work or approved leave e.g.  paid sick leave, maternity/parental leave and recreation leave, absences up to 3 years whilst in receipt of an RBF pension, absences up to 12 months resulting from stand-downs or redundancy, absences up to 3 months between appointments or transfers, periods of appointment to contract positions, TOIL/rostered days off, probation, temporary employment, relief teaching provided breaks between service are no greater than 3 months.

But if you retire, resign or have a break in continuous service of more than 3 months, then the continuity is broken and the LSL clock winds back to the start.

If you have completed 7 years of continuous service, but less than 10 years, and cease employment due to incapacity, domestic or other pressing necessity you may be entitled to pro rata LSL.

How much time can I take?

If you are a fulltime employee your LSL is accrued at the rate of 6.5 days each year, so at the 10 year mark you would be able to access up to 65 days paid LSL. If you are part-time it is calculated on a pro rata basis based on your hours of work.

The minimum period you can apply for is 5 days. Unless, it is considered exceptional circumstances exist to justify a shorter period.

You can also apply for more than one period of LSL i.e. if you have a total of 65 days and want to break it up into shorter periods you can request to do so.

How much notice do I have to give?

The LSL Act states you should submit an application at least one month before the date on which the leave is proposed to commence. An employee, may request an application for LSL with less than one month’s notice before the date on which the leave is proposed to commence, if ‘exceptional circumstances’ exist. In schools, DoE prefer that for adequate planning and staffing purposes you may be asked to put in applications mid-year for the following year.

How much LSL can I accrue?

You are not entitled to be credited with more than 100 days of LSL, unless you have applied in writing to your employer that you have exceptional circumstances such as; serious personal or family circumstances, circumstances were beyond your control or you agree to reduce your LSL balance within an agreed period of time. You may lose excess LSL days if you do nothing about it!

What if my LSL is refused?

If you are refused part or all of your LSL, you must be given notice in writing of the reasons for that refusal. And, if it is refused then you must be granted the LSL within 2 years after the date of the refusal for either at least half of the long service leave or 5 days.

What happens if I get sick during LSL?

If you are sick for a period of 3 days or more and provide a medical certificate you can seek to have your LSL re-credited.

Is my work elsewhere recognized?

Employees recruited from other State Agencies or Commonwealth states or territories may transfer their entitlements up to a maximum of 65 days – as long as there has been no break of 3 months or more between contracts.

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