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Isolated Schools Incentives

If you teach at an isolated school, then you are entitled to incentive payments and other entitlements.

‘Isolated School’ means Cape Barron Island School, Flinders Island DHS, King Island DHS, Mountain Heights School, Redpa PS, Rosebery DHS, Strahan PS, and Zeehan PS.


  • A $2,759 payment at the following times: upon commencement, upon completing 1 year of employment, upon completing 2 years of employment, and upon completing 3 years of employment
  • A $5,523 payment at the following times: upon completing 4 years of employment, upon completing 5 years of employment, and upon completing 6 years of employment.
  • A Band 1 Level 13 teacher who has completed 12 months of employment in an isolated school, and remains in an isolated school, is entitled to $3,250 per annum on a fortnightly basis.
  • A teacher who is appointed to an isolated school and is required to relocate is entitled to a $5,000 settling in payment. The teacher must then complete a minimum of 2 years at the isolated school, or pay back this amount.
  • A district allowance of between $578 and $4,618 per annum, depending on your location and whether you have dependents residing with you.

Other Entitlements

  • Paid time to attend urgent personal business – you are entitled to 8 days paid time over 2 years to attend urgent personal business.
  • Specialist Medical Appointments – if you are required to attend a specialist medical appointment which requires overnight travel you are entitled to meal and accommodation allowances.
  • Transfers – a teacher who accepts a transfer to an isolated school will be guaranteed their choice of one of five Level A schools on return, in accordance with the Transfer Agreement.
  • Graduates Commence at inner city school – if a graduate accepts a placement at an isolated school, they may be located at an inner city school for the first year prior to commencing at the isolated school.
  • Commencement salary – The commencing salary for beginning teachers in an isolated school is Band 1 Level 8.

Bass Strait Islands Leave Expenses

If you are working at a school on a Bass Strait Island, after 3 months continuous service

  • You take leave you are entitled four times a year to be paid the return fare, that you reasonably incur, for yourself and any dependent member of your family resident on the Island, traveling to or from the nearest seaport or airport in Tasmania.
  • Such travel includes travel via Melbourne when such indirect travel is the most expedient means of travelling to and from the nearest seaport or airport in Tasmania.
  • Note: You may substitute travel to any other seaport or airport in Tasmania or Melbourne, for travel to the nearest seaport or airport in Tasmania.
  • This entitlement is not cumulative, it does not carry over.

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