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In-Class Support

What is the entitlement? 

If you are a full-time Band 1 Teacher, you have access to 40 hours of in-class support per year from a Teacher Assistant.  This includes Band 1 Specialist and Support Teachers. 

If you are a Band 1 Teacher working part-time, you are entitled to the support on a pro-rata basis.  For example, if you work 0.6 FTE you would be entitled to 24 hours over a school year. 

What can the entitlement be used for? 

The entitlement can be used in a variety of flexible ways, and you have the right to negotiate about your needs and what works best for you.   

You may want the allocated Teacher Assistant to do tasks such as: 

  • Preparation and/or organisation of classroom materials and resources 
  • Creating classroom displays to support student learning 
  • Locating library resources for learning activities 
  • Preparing documents or written materials for classroom use 

Alternatively, you may want the Teacher Assistant to work directly with students in your room.  

Does the entitlement have to be provided on a weekly basis? 

The entitlement is for 40 hours over a year pro rata.  You might prefer to have longer blocks of time less frequently or shorter blocks more frequently.   Discuss your needs with your principal, keeping in mind that it may not be possible for a school to employ Teacher Assistants in a way that supports all requests. 

What happens if I start at a school part way through the year or take leave? 

The entitlement is pro rata based on the number of weeks you work, so if you work two terms at a school you receive half of the hours of a person working four terms.  

If you are on leave for 20 or more days and a contract teacher is employed, then you would not be entitled to hours for the time you are on leave.  The contract teacher would receive these hours.  

However, your allowance should not be affected by day to day leave eg. personal leave for sickness.  You should plan how you are going to use the Teacher Assistant if you are sick, so the Teacher Assistant does something you want rather than your allocated time being used elsewhere.  

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