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TasTAFE: I am an AST – What does this role mean for me?

The definition and requirements of an Advanced Skills Teacher are no longer contained in the TasTAFE Teaching Employees Agreement. The classification is now referred to as Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) rather than AST 1, and the classification for an AST is now Band 1, Level 7. 

Despite these changes to the Agreement, the role of an AST has not changed. 

What is included in the AST role?

  • Prepare lesson plans and training programs; 
  • assist with development and review of new and existing training packages; 
  • prepare training materials and equipment; 
  • provide teaching equipment; 
  • student assessment including RPL; 
  • consult, counsel, liaise and provide advice to students, parents, employers; 
  • maintain student records; 
  • enrol students.

You could also be asked to do some or all of the following: 

  • educational leadership/mentoring of other teachers, including beginning teachers and Bachelor of Education – Applied Learning practicums; 
  • consultancies, course development review and implementation; 
  • develop and use flexible delivery strategies; 
  • preparation of learning materials; 
  • provide specialist advice on course materials; 
  • equipment and new technology where appropriate; 
  • co-ordination of resources; 
  • induction and assisting staff with professional development activities; 
  • teaching or assisting teachers who teach students with learning difficulties/behaviour problems.

What is not included in the AST role? 

ASTs should remember that all tasks asked of you should comply with your teaching duties, this does not mean undertaking the role of a manager who has responsibility for –

  • Timetabling and scheduling;
  • Monitoring teaching loads for the team;
  • Performance management;
  • Budget administration or expenditure approvals
  • Approval of staff leave requests or other HR matters.

If you think what you are being asked to do is something outside the definition of an Advanced Skills Teacher Band 1 Level 7, then you need to contact your union – the AEU on 6234 9500 or

Can you apply to be an Advanced Skills Teacher?  

Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) means an employee appointed at the classification of Band 1, Level 7, as contained in the TasTAFE Teaching Employees Agreement 2024, who has advanced teaching skills and who provides educational leadership, guidance and mentoring to other employees in respect to preparation, delivery and assessment, evaluation and other techniques related to teaching duties.

Under the new Agreement the only specified requirement to be an AST is having completed an approved AQF qualification of Level 5 or above. Schedule 5 of the Agreement provides a list of approved AQF qualifications. 

While not specified in the Award, it is likely that you will need to have completed at least 12 months at Band 1 Level 6 before applying to become an AST.

You should also provide evidence of how your professional development has been used to improve your Team’s delivery and assessment activities together with a supporting letter from your manager.

When you have collated all your evidence (including your manager’s contact details, if the panel needs to seek clarification), send your application to Attention AST Panel —

If you have any questions about the AST role or application process, please contact us at

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