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Holidays with Pay and Time off in Lieu (TOIL)

Holidays with Pay (public holidays) and Time off in Lieu (TOIL) arrangements for ESP/Support Staff are provided under p 204 of the Tasmanian State Service Award (the Award).

If the public holidays fall on a day of the week that you would normally work, you are an entitled to be paid or get TOIL for a maximum of 9 public holidays in a calendar year. 

Whether you get TOIL or Paid depends on what category the public holiday is in.

You are only entitled to Pay on a public holiday or TOIL if:

  • the public holiday falls on a day of the week you would work if it was a normal week in a term.  So, if you work only on Wednesdays only the public holidays that fall on a Wednesday could result in you being paid or getting TOIL.

You can only get up to 9 days in total


  1. Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
    If Christmas Day, Boxing Day and/or New Year’s Day fall on a day that you normally work, you will be paid for that day, even though it is in the holidays.
  • Public Holidays during School Terms
    During school terms, if a public holiday occurs on a day that you normally work, you will be paid.
  • Other Public Holidays NOT during School Terms
    During school holiday periods, if any other public holiday (apart from Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day) occurs on a day that you normally work, you will be entitled to one day TOIL. 

Working Out My Entitlement

  1. Look through the table and make a list of the holidays, for your region, that occur on days that you work.
    (To help we have provided a table below that lists the public holidays this year and we have noted which are paid and which could result in TOIL.)
  2. Add the Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day holidays if they fall on day that you would normally work.
  3. If this does not add up to nine days then you are entitled to TOIL to make it up to nine days.
  4. Look at the public holidays that fall in the school holidays for your region and if there are public holidays that fall on a day you would normally work then you are entitled to those day as TOIL (only to a total of 9 paid and TOIL days in a calendar year)

Taking TOIL

The TOIL entitlement must be taken before the end of the school year.

The TOIL must be taken on a student free day or at another time agreed by the Principal and employee.

If relief is required, this cost must be covered by the school. We recommend that you contact your manager/ principal at the start of the year or at the start of each term to negotiate when you will be able to take your TOIL days. Please do not leave it to the end of a term

Note: for members in or around Launceston, Cup Day can be a whole day, or from 11am. Your SBM should be able to inform you about this.

DateDayHolidayNorthNorth WestSouthNotes
3rd JanuaryMondayNew Year’s DayPAIDPAIDPAID
5th JanuaryWednesdayDevonport CupTOILHalf day holiday. From 11am in the municipal area of Devonport
26th JanuaryWednesdayAustralia DayTOILTOILTOIL
14th FebruaryMondayRoyal Hobart RegattaPAIDSouth of and including Oatlands and Swansea
23rd FebruaryWednesdayLaunceston CupPAIDFrom 11am Launceston City – check for more details and locations
1st MarchTuesdayKing Island ShowKing Island Only (paid)
14th MarchMondayEight Hours DayPAIDPAIDPAID
15th AprilFridayGood FridayPAIDPAIDPAID
18th AprilMondayEaster MondayTOILTOILTOIL
19th AprilTuesdayEaster TuesdayTOILTOILTOIL
6th MayFridayAGFESTMunicipal area of Circular Head Only (paid)
13th JuneMondayQueens BirthdayPAIDPAIDPAID
30th SeptemberFridayBurnie ShowPAIDMunicipal areas of Burnie, Waratah, Wynyard and West Coast
6th OctoberThursdayRoyal Launceston ShowMunicipal areas of Break O’Day, Dorset (TOIL)
14th OctoberFridayFlinders Island ShowMunicipal areas of Flinders Island (TOIL)
20th OctoberThursdayRoyal Hobart ShowPAID
7th NovemberMondayRecreation DayPAIDPAIDAll parts of the state which do not observe Royal Hobart Regatta
25th NovemberFridayDevonport ShowPAIDMunicipal areas of Devonport, Kentish and Latrobe
27th* DecemberTuesdayChristmas DayPAIDPAIDPAID
26th DecemberMondayBoxing DayPAIDPAIDPAID

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Calculating your paid public holiday and TOIL entitlements can be very tricky.

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