Fixed Term Employees Seeking Permanency

What can you currently do to change your employment Status?

If you meet the following criteria then your employment status will be changed to permanent:

  • The fixed term has been a continuous for 24 months (or 8 continuous school terms), performing the same or similar duties;
  • There is an ongoing requirement for those duties or similar duties; and
  • There has been 3 or more consecutive fixed term contracts.

If Department of Education (DoE) does not change the employment status of a fixed term employee who meets the above criteria, the DoE is to justify reasons why and to provide the employee, in writing, the reasons why the status was not changed.

Do not hesitate to seek our assistance in this regard.

Department is reviewing the process and situation

As a part of the negotiations for the Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2019 (PSUWA) there is currently a review of the employment status of all fixed term employees. The timeframe for this review 12 months. The AEU is participating in the review.

Also the Department of Education (DoE) is currently reviewing the employment status of each fixed term employee to either confirm the legitimacy of the fixed term employment status or change the employment status to permanent.

For permanent part-time employees with additional hours, the DoE is currently gathering a wider perspective on the statistics (numbers and the hours). The DoE has recognised that there are issues in this regard that the current arrangement does not address. Following this, DoE will provide its

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