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Duties Related to Teaching

How much DRTT should I have?

The TasTAFE Teaching Staff Industrial Agreement allows for various teaching methods – Direct Learning, Workplace Learning and Mixed Mode.

Duties Related to Teaching (DRTT)

Include but are not limited to: preparation and record keeping associated with deliver and assessment, support and advice to clients, classroom enrolment of student, course curriculum and program development and review, industry and community liaison and promotion, training and professional development, development of learning materials – including validation, research, attendance at staff meetings, workplace consultancy and advisory services, skills analysis and audit, work placement coordination and supervision, leading approved staff development activities, student selection, course coordination as specified in curriculum documents.

Direct Learning 

refers to face-to-face delivery, synchronous on-line teaching, assessment activities and recognition functions.

Where the average direct teaching load is 19 hours but can be increased up to 23 hours per week for three weeks or 21 hours for 17 consecutive weeks, then you must have a break.

If you commenced work after 1 July 2022 your direct teaching hours are up to 25 hours per week.

Workplace Learning

where an employee is working exclusively in the workplace learning mode, they work 1300 hours per annum and incorporates DOTT.

Distance/Flexible Learning 

all learning activities are undertaken on the same basis as workplace learning. This means off campus, internet, multimedia, online & related learning modes and in support of these assessment activities, recognition functions and delivery activities including face to face, teleconferences, video conferences; development & maintenance of learning and assessment resources, enrolments and course advice.

Mixed Mode 

is where an employee works a combination of Workplace, Distance & Direct Learning and shall be credited hours towards the direct learning annual teaching load (760 hours) on a pro rata basis of 0.5847 hours for each hour worked.


is based on full-time employees who work a 35 hour week with an average 19 hours of direct learning and the other hours incorporating hours related to teaching – i.e. 16 hours DRTT.

Fixed-term employees should also receive time for DRTT on a pro rata basis based on their contracted hours of work. The difficulty for managers is how DRTT can be incorporated into the hours of work when fixed term staff may only work very few days.

Contact us if you are concerned about other DRTT duties allocated.  Our view is that any other activities must be similar or close to the included activities.

If you were employed after 1 July 2022 your conditions may vary from what is above.

If you have any questions regarding your direct learning or DRTT, please contact us at

For more info sheets on your working conditions in TasTAFE, check out the AEU website at or talk to your local AEU workplace Rep.

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