The State Service Regulations provide for COVID related leave. 

They provide the Deputy Secretary of the Department or Tas TAFE CEO with the power to give you up to 20 days (4weeks) if full time, pro-rata if you are part-time, COVID leave.  And they have further discretion to give additional leave.

When are you eligible to apply?

1. You have COVID; you have experienced side effects following vaccination consisting of COVID symptoms; or you are required to support a relative or member of your household who has COVID/or symptoms following vaccination; and you have exhausted your personal leave entitlements.

2. You are required by a direction under the Public Health Act or Emergency Management Act to enter isolation.

3. You are responsible for providing care or support to a relative of member of your household who is unable to attend school or other care arrangements being unavailable due to COVID 19.

4. You are in self-isolation, awaiting test results, after you;

a) have been tested for COVID-19; and

b) have been advised by yourself or your manager to self-isolate; and

c) you are ready willing and able to return to work in your workplace; and

d) you are unable to work from home.

5. You are unable to attend work at your workplace for any reason relating to COVID-19, other than a reason referred to above and are unable to work from home.

Then the Deputy Secretary of the Department or Tas TAFE CEO may give you COVID leave.

If you are unable to access COVID leave for any reason, please contact us.

The secretary/CEO’s discretion

The secretary should grant COVID leave if the circumstances above are met.  However, they retain the right not to grant leave.  If your leave is not granted call us.

As we see it the discretion is there to prevent abuse. 

As an example, if you decide to go on leave to a declared hot spot knowing you will then have to isolate for 14 days, then it is unlikely that you will be given COVID leave.  However, if you are going there to support a dying parent, then in our view you should be granted the leave, but that will be for the secretary/CEO to decide.

Other Options

Personal leave, your usual entitlements remain.  Including your carers leave entitlement.

Please note that for Teachers, the Deputy Secretary has the power to grant you up to an additional 20 days personal leave, this is commonly known as “Secretary’s leave”.  We can assist you to apply for this.

Another option is LWOP.

Government is generally unwilling to let employees use long service leave to supplement personal leave.  However we can assist you to request long service leave if necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact your organiser or MSC for support if you have any issues with getting COVID leave or require other leave.

Download print versions of our all member Fact Sheets below