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Checks and Registrations

Required Police Checks and Registrations

With the introduction of requirements under the Working with Vulnerable People legislation there has been some confusion amongst members about an apparent duplication of process.  At the time of writing, teachers are required to undergo both a Working with Children Check (WwCC), as per the Department of Justice, and a police check, as per the Teachers Registration Board. The AEU has expressed concern on behalf of members about the number of checks and processes required, particularly of teachers, as in most other states there is a single process. Your union will continue to work towards making the process as simple as possible, however at the present time the different processes fall under the following two categories:

  • Working with Children Check (WwCC)  – Department of Justice, Tasmania
  • Teacher Registration – Teachers Registration Board, Tasmania

Working with Children Check (WwCC) 


Between 1 July 2014 and the end of 2016 most people who work or volunteer with children will need to apply for Working with Children Check (WwCC) Registration. This is a requirement under the Registration to Work with Vulnerable People Act 2013. Essentially, the WwCC involves a detailed national and, where possible, international police check to determine any potential risk to children. The check is thorough and involves cooperation and sensitive sharing of data across states and territories.

All teachers, non-teaching employees of schools, colleges and TasTAFE, people who transport children (e.g. bus drivers), volunteers and some contractors will need to apply. Registration is for a 3-year period, at the end of which the checking process is repeated.

Costs of WwCC registration

Volunteer Registration fee – $18.96

Employment Registration fee –  $110.60

Change of Class – $91.64

Replacement Card –  $39.50

Applicants must register under ALL categories in which they work or volunteer but will only pay a single fee – the higher one that applies.

Key dates for WwCC applications

Applications for people who transport children open on 1/1/16 and must be completed by 1/4/16

Applications for non-teaching staff open on 1/1/16 and must be completed by 1/7/16

Applications for teaching staff (including TasTAFE) open on 1/5/16 and must be completed by 1/1/17

DoE to pay the cost of WwCC

In January 2015, due to concerns raised by members, the AEU wrote to the Secretary of the DoE requesting that the DoE make a commitment to pay for the cost of WwCCs for all state school employees. In a win for AEU members, the DoE and TasTAFE confirmed that they will pay for the cost of registration for the first cycle (3 years) for all school employees and volunteers, upon initial implementation of the check. Now that this period has ended, all new employees will need to cover their own registration costs.

With the introduction of the new Working with Children Check (WwCC) registration, the DoE will no longer require its own DoE Good Character Check for employees.

For more information on the WwCC and links to the application and registration process follow this link:

A guide to the 3-year phased in process of WwCC Registration can also be found here:

Teacher Registration

The Teachers’ Registration Act 2000 requires that all who teach in Tasmanian schools and colleges (as defined in the Act) must be registered to do so. Only people who are appropriately qualified, of good character and fit to teach can be registered teachers. The Teachers’ Registration Act 2000 can be found here:

Once the Working with Children Check (WwCC) registration comes into effect, having completed WwCC registration will be a prerequisite for obtaining registration as a Teacher. This will fulfil part of the Good Character Check for Teacher Registration. The Teachers’ Registration Act 2000 also requires an additional check to complete Good Character and Fitness to Teach requirements. This check considers a wider range of matters than those covered under the WwCC, which is solely concerned with whether a person presents a possible risk to children.

Teacher registration is for five years and can be paid annually or for 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

A list of TRB charges for 2015-16 is available here:

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