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Camp Allowance

When employees, in the performance of their duties, are required to camp overnight in a tent or a similar type of accommodation, they are entitled to a camp allowance following approval from their line manager (usually their Principal).

This allowance compensates for all special conditions such as the carrying of tents and equipment, travelling over rough terrain and for work performed in severe climatic conditions.

Where meals are not provided, employees can claim for meals of a reasonable standard either by direct payment or by reimbursement of expenses, following approval.

An employee required to ‘camp’ overnight in a tent, hut or similar is to be paid an allowance of $47.25 for each overnight stay. If you are required to ‘carry’ a tent and equipment you are to be paid an allowance of $67.85 and the employer is to provide all meals and consumable. However, if these are not supplied employees are entitled to purchase meals up to the value of $59.05 or be paid an allowance of $59.05 for each overnight stay.

These rates are normally varied every year in accordance with the CPI.

The cost of Camp Allowance is not provided centrally by the DoE but is incurred by the school running the camp. Schools are advised to factor the cost of camp allowance for staff attending into the cost of the camp. On a per student basis this cost is likely to be very small. Camp Allowance is a staff entitlement, like any other industrial entitlement, and cannot be overlooked or denied to anyone eligible to receive it.

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