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Employees are entitled to an unpaid lunch/meal break of not less than 30 minutes and not more than 1 hour between   12 – 2.00pm and although not written into the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Agreement you are also able to take time for 10 – 15 minute tea breaks in the morning and afternoon, in paid time.

Tea breaks should not be included in hours for Direct Learning load. The teaching load is an average of 19 hours per week, but can be delivered up to 23 hours per week for 3 consecutive weeks or up to 21 hours for 17 consecutive weeks, with the annual teaching load of 760 hours.

All staff should ensure they take breaks and not keep working because of ‘too much to do’.  Staff are not required and should not attend staff meetings during their lunch breaks. Getting up and away from the desk, giving your eyes a rest from a computer screen and moving about, are important to you as well as to your employer for WHS reasons.

Leave – what types am I entitled to?

Personal Leave (includes Sick Leave and Carers’ Leave) – permanent fulltime employees have 20 days for the first year of service and 10 days for each subsequent year. You may be also granted an additional paid period not exceeding 20 days.

Parental Leave – includes maternity, paternity and adoption leave. This consists of 14 weeks paid maternity/adoption leave after 12 months service and up to 12 months’ unpaid parental leave. Maternity leave and paternity leave includes access to 5 days for partner to attend birth.

Bereavement Leave – this consists of up to 10 days paid leave for immediate family (as per Relationship Act 2003) for permanent & fixed term employees, with employer’s discretion to grant additional paid leave or access to unpaid leave. Casuals and relief staff can take up to 2 days unpaid leave. Sessional employees have paid leave on a pro rata basis.

Recreation Leave – teaching employees are entitled up to up to 20 days plus 35 days flexible leave. 17 days compulsory leave must be taken from 24/12 and three days after Easter Tuesday. Flexible leave must be taken in the year it accrues and cannot be carried forward. Non-teaching staff are entitled to 20 days per year, which shall include the period between Christmas and New Years Day.

Other Leave – Public Holidays, Defence Force Leave, Jury Service, Special Leave and Long Service Leave.

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