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The provision of Benevolent Assistance from the Australian Education Union Tasmanian Branch can be in the form of an interest free cash loan, a grant or the waiver of AEU Membership Fees without detriment to your membership for a defined period of time.


As the provision of benevolent assistance involves the disbursement of AEU member funds, there are a number of reasonable prerequisites associated with the approval of assistance.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that:

They and/or their family are suffering a degree of “hardship” as opposed to temporary financial “inconvenience”.

They have no other reasonable avenue of assistance available to them to overcome the temporary hardship; ie, they have tried other avenues such as banks and they have been refused.

The attached application form is dealt with in the strictest of confidence, and is kept on a private file by the Union’s State Manager. In all instances, applications are dealt with quickly and sensitively. Applications meeting the guidelines and providing the required information will be speedily approved and paid.

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