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Are You Eligible To Become An AST1 – Level 9?

If you would like to apply to be re-classified, there is a process available to you under the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Award.

AST1 in the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Agreement clause 6.1 states – an employee appointed who has advanced teaching skills and provides educational leadership, guidance and mentoring to employees in respect to preparation, delivery and assessment, evaluation and other techniques related to teaching duties. 

To be re-classified, the process and requirements are as follows:

  1. Have you completed at least 12 months service at Band 1 Level 8? AND
  2. Have you completed a Certificate IV in TAA/TAE or equivalent? AND
  3. Have you completed a tertiary degree with appropriate education units? OR
  4. Do you have evidence of consistent involvement in professional development related to your teaching and learning in your area, including return to industry over a three year period?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions and can provide evidence to support your claims, then you can apply.

While points one and two are self-evident, items three and four could be achieved by submitting your Professional Development Plans from past years with a supporting statement from your manager.

You could also provide evidence of how your professional development has been used to improve your Team’s delivery and assessment activities together with a supporting letter from your manager.

The TasTAFE Teaching Staff Award Part II of Clause 4 and TasTAFE Teaching Staff Industrial Agreement Clause 6.13 provide a definition of Professional Development approved activities which provide employees with skills and knowledge, which will enable them to better undertake their duties, improve their learning or enhance their career prospects. E.g. award bearing courses, agreed activities arising from the appraisal process, system initiated activities such as committees, seminars to introduce new curriculum, syllabus, training packages, methodology, administrative and conceptual changes and activities for individuals or groups of staff members, which have been approved by the employer, conferences related to training package development or teaching pedagogy.

When you have collated all your evidence (including your manager’s contact details, if the panel needs to seek clarification), send your application to Attention AST1 Panel —

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