If you are covered by the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Agreement or Teaching Service Employment Agreement (DOE) then you will have received a two percent pay rise on March 23 (or first full pay period thereafter).

Those of you who campaigned “in union” as part of negotiations for these Employment Agreements achieved the pay rise, so congratulations!

AEU member subscriptions are a percentage of your salary so as your salary increases so does your membership contribution, but only very modestly compared to your pay rise!

As an example, if you are on Band 1 Level 12 your annual salary will increase by $1814 and your annual membership contribution will rise by $19.76.

For those of you covered by the Teacher Service Agreement (DoE), this is your final pay rise and your Agreement expires on March 31, 2016. The Log of Claims for a new Teaching Service Agreement was lodged with the State Government in December 2015. We are now waiting for the Government, through the DoE, to respond and begin negotiations.

If you’re Support Staff, you’re covered by the Public Sector Union Wages Agreement 2013 and that expires in June this year — more about that will follow soon.

If you’re covered by the TasTAFE Teaching Staff Agreement – that does not expire until February 2017.

Visit our website for further details: Awards and Agreements and member subscriptions. See here for more about member benefits.