Teachers, support staff, parents and other passionate supporters of Gonski knocked on the doors of about 300 homes around Launceston to explain the urgent need for Malcolm Turnbull to reverse his plan to stop the rollout of Gonski.

Mr Turnbull plans to scrap needs-based Gonski school funding at the end of 2017 and this will deny Tasmanian schools $80M in Gonski funding and also mean school funding cuts.

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Read our Gonski Doorknock Day media release calling on local politicians such as Andrew Nikolic to stand up and advocate for the needs of local schools.

A double dissolution federal election on 2 July is highly anticipated and there’s a lot at stake for Tasmania – $80M in desperately needed funding will be withheld from our schools if Turnbull succeeds in stopping the Gonski’s rollout. As a result, too many of our students will continue to be held back from learning because Governments are denying them the support they need at school.

Gonski provides more teachers, smaller classes and more individual attention for students – all critical for student learning success.

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The first Branch Council meeting of the year was held on Monday and, at that meeting, Councillors agreed to hold sub-branch meetings to update you about the latest Gonski campaign news.  They will also be working on school Gonski stories.

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